Why Am I Here? (John 3:36)

It’s been ten months since I’ve made the decision to make Jesus is Lord and everyday I understand the importance of keeping my relationship with Jesus more prominent and consistent. Within the month of October, I have been reflecting a lot about my life and looking exactly on “the staircase to heaven”  I have chosen and […]

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Nice Game

Let’s play a game, it’s complicated but I’ll help you. Hold up Toronto and you’ll discovered his area code. Add two more and you’ll understand why Patrick Kane works hard with the signature DO YOU GET IT YET? HOW CAN YOU? You keep running through the city with your woes. After let’s go back an […]

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Close your eyes once you maybe deceived Close your eyes twice you enter reality. Now open!!!! In your mind you believe you’re being chased by others But in heart it’s meant for Y.O.U. You have a perception that your cycle is broken But yet it hasn’t stop, it’s still overflowing The life in we live […]

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You started at Level 4 without acknowledging Level 1. You made it to a peak with no return Now you sit there being numb. You search high, low to find the right one. However the more you search, the more you forget the battle which you won. Sometimes searching for a loved one is difficult […]

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Forward, Not Back

Here a couple of scenarios: Your an individual who has high morals and standards. Everyone views you as an excellent role model  in your community. However, your biggest challenge as hit you to where you feel numbness all around your body and now been brought to a place of insecurity in your life. Were you […]

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