A Level Which You Can’t Go Back (Part 1)

12 May

Arguments, disputes, moments which can’t be changed

Friendships, love, difficult to find these days.

The relationship which they encounter is mesmerizing and gazed

The peak which they about to reach is truly not fazed.

Eyes are looking onto each other, unconsciously knowing the next step

The question: “Are you Ready?”

Temperature has risen, atmosphere gradually changes from

The uncomfortable ice cold feeling to an warm embrace.

The answer: “Can I trust you?”

Sudden pause, heart are beating uncontrollably.

What question could be pondering her?

A rash nod is acknowledge and soon

It begins…..

Passion has uplifted there hearts, emotions have become feelings

Feelings have become indescribable.

They believe they have found love within each other.

He look at her, She look at him. It’s a mirror image.

Tears of happiness are overflown by one,

while the other is silent, with a secret.

It ends.




I’m Different

23 Apr

WHY AM I SO WEIRD? I’m weird because I stray away from the typical norm of what society wants me to do. For instance, a young person should be listen to Katy Perry, Beyonce or Lil Wayne but I dig with Luther Vandross, The Beetles and Marvin Gaye. Or the fact that if your friend zone that you lost your chance, when I believe that true relationships always start with a great friendship. Or the fact that, as a young man, I’m should listen to my authority and not question, when questioning is the true fruit of knowledge and wisdom. Or what about the classic, that your suppose to marry people within your race, when the beauty of interracial relationship is not the image, but the expression of both cultures. How about this one: if you don’t have an 3.0 or 4.0 GPA, you are not qualified to be called an smart person, when smartest people who have been successful, have had the greatest imagination and they’ll tell you that GPA is overrated. But my favorite is those who are judgmental and claim that your unattractive or start some rumor or gossip about you. However, what’s sexy is what occurs ten years after that incident. You become an CEO of a company, you become a well-accomplished doctor, you become an author, you become saved. You so sync with this, as you walk down sidewalk, you come across the “hater”, there’s no need to spread hate, there’s no need to give a dirty look, the best thing to do, is to start an conversation by saying Ola, Bonjour, Hello, Why? Because it shows how mature who’ve become, how resistance has influenced you to be who you are? Stay classy and Stay Weird!!!

Meaning of Monday

20 Jan

Ok so you check your alarm sets off, you wake up and after yawning, stretching and eating (or skipping) breakfast, you realize what day it is:


You know everyone first initial thought is either one of the following:


2. What happened this weekend

3.Curse the person who created Monday

4. Another meeting

But instead of looking at these typical stereotypes, you define your Monday.

Yes your Monday may compose of all start of gruesome task, three hour meetings or even five midterms,


It’s not about how you finish the week, it’s about how you start, because all it takes it was one day to propel you

to have an amazing six days.

Embrace Mondaysmonday

Knowledge vs Thinking

14 Jan

Knowledge is what were thought to gain for approval

Thinking is what we choose to dismay.

Knowledge  expands our brain to unlimited vocabulary

Thinking challenges our brain to our maximum capacity.

Knowledge is plagued by being too much, too difficult to take

Thinking is apprehended by the philosophers, theorist which are more

concerned with the “if” but instead of the “make”

Knowledge has been abused by hypocrites for there own selfish behavior

Thinking will never be touched unless protected by a glass cover.

Knowledge has been charmed with power but eased with deception

Thinking has been proven by analyst, be corrected by imagination.

“I rather struggle to be a thinker, then to be a know-it-all “says one

“Being a know-it-all mean your playing safe, while thinking takes too

much time” says another

But I posture one question: Is there really a difference?

Either we know or think, aren’t we enhancing  our mind for

A greater purpose.


Give you a clue, your doing it right now

Old School Love

13 Jan

We always say that New School is an generation which lack the intelligence, the culture, the movement, the love and power in which the Old School had. But lest we forget that the Old School was once  a New School facing there Old School. How did they succeed, I think this song explains it all!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Quote

6 Jan

“A man employs the full power of the state in his grief and ends up plunging his government into fruitless and costly experiment. A woman who walks away from the promise of power finds the strength to forgive-and saves her friendship, her marriage and her sanity. The world is turned upside down.”-Malcolm Gladwell

Man when I read such a quote, it makes me realize even though we all come from the same tree, there are difference that the “media-heads” have created which make seem that were are different species. Just remember one thing, whether you believe in him or not, God made us all a like, all brother and sister. This is my NY resolution for all of you!!!!!!!!



Nothing Was The Same – Album Review: 4.5/5 Stars

1 Oct

FALLn here, your Hip Hop Guru, about to do a review of Drake’s new album, Nothing Was The Same.

Written by FaLLn

First of all, allow me to make things clear:
*clears throat*
FUCK DRAKE!!!!!! FUCK THAT N****!!!!
But I won’t lie, that n**** got me draking…yes…I’m fucking DRAKING!!!!!

What’s “Draking”? Draking happens when you listen to Drake’s songs, and then you become tempted to call/text your ex, get all emo, cry, stalking, sub-tweeting, and any other fucking soft ting emotion you can think of!!!!!

I’m from Toronto, just like Drake is. I won’t lie, he has helped Toronto in many ways and respect for repping the city. I just don’t like him. Used to be the biggest Drake hater, and I now I just don’t like him. But ok, I’ll admit it, I do like some of his songs now and then. They catchy….fuck I’m a hypocrite…

I can’t stand his rapping. At all. I hate his hair, his voice, and whatever reason DMX said he didn’t like Drake for.

He’s not the best singer, but it’s his soft singing songs that I don’t mind listening to. His first album, Thank Me Later, was too much of an imitation of his classic mixtape, So Far Gone (His mixtape, I won’t lie, changed the sound of Hip Hop for a while, as in everyone tried to copy it, even I won’t deny this, I’m not ignorant =P). Drake admitted to his label tampering too much on his debut album, so his second album, Take care, was pretty good, and made with more freedom on him. It sounded more RnBish with all that fucking singing of his I don’t mind, and it even won him a grammy for it for Best Hop Hop album (even though it’s really a fucking RnB album, but hey! He changed the game and standards!). I think fellow Canadian artist, The Weeknd, ghost wrote a few tracks for him though (I actually like The Weeknd, but still, fuck Drake).

Nothing Was The Same is still that OVO sound he has trademarked and everyone tries to copy now, and he is rapping on it more than singing, but still semi singing in his Drake style.

Ok I won’t lie, the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. You can tell Drake has evolved as a rapper and a lyricist. The album is honestly his best yet, and I actually enjoyed Take care. I grew out of my hatting him phase, but still, fuck him. I give this album 4.5/5 stars, and that’s only because I don’t like the n****. Tracks have their memorable lines and he’s always written shit a n**** can relate to.

His track, The Language, is rumoured to be a reply and diss towards Kendrick Lamar’s verse for his feature on Big Sean’s control (take a listen, and you decide for yourself). Whether directed to Kendrick or not, it is clearly a response to all his haters (like me). Hold On, We’re Going Home has a ctachy 80s sound to it (but fuck the music video for it, it makes no sense!). My favourite track on the whole album is Own It (lyrically it sucks, but the beat and every emo sound Drake makes is catchy on it). Take a listen to it, it’s pretty damn good and the more you losten to it, the more it grows on you.

He’s no Pac, but like I said, n**** got me Draking!

Remember! Don’t Drake and drive! Or you might end up at your ex’s house!Image



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